Monday, March 31, 2008

My brother got cool

Even if it was for just one day. ;)

Here is part of the email he sent about the Watcomb county trivia bee.

Ken Jennings, winner of 74 straight rounds of Jeopardy!, the winningest man to ever play a televised trivia game show in the history of... well, history.
Ken was awesome and funny and got so many questions right it was scary. BUT!
I beat Ken Jennings...
The question (in our first round) was: "The octothorp is a symbol with a "number" of meanings. Draw an octothorp."
I immediately drew an octothorp: # (the 'pound' sign, also used to signify 'number'... MANY of the questions were punny that way.)
Ken didn't know! He drew the infinity symbol (sideways '8'), although he said he knew it was wrong before he showed his answer.
I was apparently the ONLY person in the whole auditorium who knew, because the crowd went wild (especially the T-Mobile part) when the EmCee (a very nice local radio host whom I have forgotten the name of) announced that our answer was correct.

See useless information does pay off eventually! Here is the fun picture he sent to make us all jealous!


redheadsmom said...

That is so cool! I want to meet the rich smart mormon guy!

Karen Valinda said...

Does Flo mean Ken Jennings or Buh?

Oh wait, she DID say "rich". ;-}

IF you let 'em live long enuf'...