Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cute???? I don't think so!

So it's FINALLY Saturday and I can FINALLY sleep in and work on getting... over my allergies. I stayed up late last night to finish the over shirt for the orange guy, it's almost there. I just have the vest left.

Imagine my grouchy shock and dismay when Jr. comes into our bedroom at some unknown hour crying that her alarm won't stop going off. It's way too dark to be 7:30 when her alarm goes off on weekdays. As ElCid gets up to investigate I try to focus on my clock and it's ... 4 am?!?!?!?!

Apparently they wanted to get up early to watch cartoons so they set the clock to wake them up early! ElCid thinks it's cute that they had a plan and set it into motion. Me on the other hand not so much!

I have no idea what happened for the next 3 hours but at around 7 the older two were up and shortly after George was up. By 7:34 (when on weekdays I'm dragging them out KICKING and WHINING) they were up watching tv and having cereal. I'm still not amused and ElCid is still holding onto the "cute".

It's pretty obvious to me he won't be around later when they are whiny and grouchy and tired. We will SOOO be having quiet time today!!!!

I managed to cling to my bed until almost 9 but it wasn't the blissful sleep I imagined. *sigh* There's always tomorrow. Church isn't until 11. :)

For those with no TV there is only one CSI. The original set here in Vegas, the other 2 are just copy-cats!

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