Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Real Deal

Happy Easter!!

I found the most festive looking font...there aren't many choices. Here is the final result of the girls in their dresses. Jr does get 2 pictures but as the middle child she ought to get something the other 2 don't, and her dress is my favorite.I think if I had made hers first the other 2 would have ended up in the same dress in different colors. Like pink and yellow. Who knows maybe they still will.

Today in Primary we watched The Lamb of God movie for Sharing time and then we closed by singing I know that My Redeemer Lives. It was so powerful to hear 40 children singing such a pure testimony that I of course ended up in tears. I am so grateful to know that my sweet girls will be mine forever and that ElCid will always be right by my side. I too know that MY Redeemer lives!

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creeks wife said...

Those dresses are AWESOME! Your girls are so beautiful. So, I am responding to your post on my blog. I would love to take George anytime. (or any of your other girls for that matter) I will not making any potty training promises though.