Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Big Plan

I am a planner.

I love to know exactly what is going on during my day and if I could plan everyday for the next year, I would. I've tried to plan far into the future, I've had little success. I often have to remind myself "Life doesn't always work out the way that you planned".

I have passed this trait onto my children. Saturday marked one month until Fred's birthday. This means party plans are fair game. We've been looking around for party favors for a few months now (general girlie stuff) but the concrete plans had to wait until a month before. Her plans include a Tinker Bell theme and crafts for the activities. It is tentatively set for April 19th.

Since she is turning 8 this year another big occasion will be her baptism. I still have a week until she can start making plans for that one! We found out in January that it will be May 3rd at 3pm here in Las Vegas. I'm thinking there will be a picnic in the park/at our house afterward but I only have to worry about the dress for now. :)

I will keep you all posted with the excitement as it develops. Hopefully she won't change her mind too many times before the events arrive!

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redheadsmom said...

Fun! I am totally stoked to come to the baptism. Even if it does include the looooong drive to Las Vegas:)