Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Traditions

M called today and asked what Easter Traditions we have at our house. I giggled and said I just finished them. Then I said our big tradition are their dresses. Like I mentioned before the Bunny doesn't stop here. The other tradition we have came from Jacki, who I love, respect and miss a lot. One year she did a really great sharing time and we repeat it at our house each year. For this lesson you'll need 24 plastic easter eggs. Half will get strips of paper with scriptures and the other half will get the visual aid. To help with matching at the end label the eggs with the numbers 1-12, you'll have 2 of each.

Here are the scriptures and corresponding visual to go with it.

1) Matt 26:14 - 15 3 pieces of silver (dimes or nickels)
2) Matt 26:39 Sacrament or small medicine cup
3) Matt 27:1, 2 Small length of rope
4) Matt 27:24-25 Piece of soap
5) Matt 27:28-30 Square of red cloth
6) Matt 27:31-32 Cross (we made ours out of toothpicks bound together with thread)
7) Matt 27:35-36 Dice
8) Matt 27:50, 51 & 54 Gravel
9) Matt 27:58 - 60 Strip of white cotton
10) Matt 27:65, 66 "Large" stone
11) Luke 23:55-56 Cinnamon stick & whole cloves
12) Luke 24:2,3 & 5 This egg is left empty

We hide the eggs and have a regular hunt for them. The girls get candy when they make a match and hopefully we all remember a little bit about the real meaning of Easter.

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