Saturday, March 1, 2008

On to the Zoo


It's such a nice wet day my skin feels softer all ready.

Yesterday we had fun at the Super Mall. The girls enjoyed digging rocks out of the big bathtub full of rocks (it really was there just like I had said).

I found some great deals at the ... carters store I think, we were looking for a present for Emily's baby, I got a pair of jeans for Jr. Originally $34 I got them for 6.85 and 3 pairs of footless tights aka leggings for 1.69 each originally $18.

We also stopped at Sam's club and picked up some microwave food for lunches while we're here.

In the afternoon I went looking for the part I broke on my car, it happened before we left- it's a long story. We ordered it and it will only be $66.

We also did some real camping in the garage they have a wood burning stove and we had a campfire and after dinner at Denny's we had s'mores.

We are all being totally spoiled and loving it! The plan for today is the Zoo and then hanging out again, I really like being on vacation...

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redheadsmom said...

When you find deals like those tights you are supposed to hook me up!