Friday, February 29, 2008

We made it!!

Hello from drizzly wet WASHINGTON!!

To our utter delight and relief after 3 days of driving we made it to Papa Larry's house! (that's what George calls my Uncle)

All your happy thoughts and prayers worked, despite the heavy load Bunso did great, the girls behaved as well as they could and we made it here without incident.

Thanks to all those who put us up along the way you're life savers.

Today's plan is the Auburn Super Mall. You can check it out at Fred requested we go to a mall while we were here and well if you're 20 minutes from a mall that BIG why not pick it?

The girls are delighted to be sleeping in an RV because last time (my sister's wedding) Daddy (& I) got to sleep there and they had to sleep in the house.

Well despite my best efforts they girls were up way too early this morning, and I'd better get going before they make a mess. :)

Yay! We're here!


Safire said...

Yay you didn't crash and burn off a cliff driving! Good job. You get a gold star. *stick*

Hillary said...

I was just wondering if you got there. Have fun at the Super Mall!