Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?

Wouldn't you think I'm the girl, the girl who has EVERYTHING?

My children do have an awful lot of...stuff. I will admit it. I blame it on overcompensating for my own childhood. I also know that it makes it difficult for people who buy them presents to get them something they don't have, I think it forces them to think outside the box. They don't have everything they want (thank you Saturday morning cartoons) and they actually have less then they used to. (I haven't replaced the guys we gave Sarah)

My kids like their things to be around them so much so in the case of Jr. & George that I sometimes fear for their sleeping conditions.

Today was clean the bedroom day (like every Wednesday) and I made Jr. remove all of the hard or pointy objects from her bed. This brought on the crocodile tears and the loud wailing and the pleading that she loves her stuff. We have an extra small dresser that I put next to her bed for all her precious things. She happily filled all the drawers and now has a place for her stuff.
George has Friends. These friends share her bed with her. They help her sleep, they keep her company when she's lonely. She talks to them, they talk to her and they love each other very much. One of these days either her or her collection of friends is going to get to big to share the bed together. When I suggest we give some to the kids who don't have any toys (aka DI) she always tells me that they don't want these toys, they want the girl's toys!
Fred on the other hand has never been a stuffed animal kind of kid. She has always loved Barbies, even from a very young age, 1 1/2. She has a few things that she loves and we're going to put them away for when she has kids. An Elmo and Caillou doll she's had forever will be retired tonight. It's one of those moments where I'm forced to see how big she's getting. Like on Sunday when she put on her Birthday dress from last year and it pinched around her chest and was about 6 inches shorter than the last time she wore it!


Karen Valinda said...

There are a few baby toys I tried to talk JE out of when Fred was born, and when Jr was born, they are still here, safely stored until he has children... then his wife can see what luck SHE has getting him to share! It is genetic... I would blame the O'Gara's... if I hadn't known my grandpa Bailey...


The Lowes said...

i did a majoy overhaul of the toyroom today and got rid of SO MUCH STUFF it was liberating!! I don't wanna hear about MORE stuff, your making my head hurt! We have a storage unit that we pay $80 a month for and all of our furniture we USED to own was destroyed in our flood so WHATS in the storage unit?? TOYS!!!!! AGGHHHHHH!!!!

redheadsmom said...
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redheadsmom said...

Hey, people should be grateful for the way you outfit your children's wardrobes and playroom. Sally was very well dressed with virtually no cost to me until she and jr became the same size. I say don't bite the hand that feeds you!