Monday, February 18, 2008

Just stuff

I went to Macy's today and I bought Fred a totally cute $64 dress for $8.65!!!
I got another email with someone interested in 2 dresses, Why Now!?!?!?!? Why when I have no time and I'm losing my help?

I got the 2 dresses I have to get done before the 26th started.

I bought 2 more bribe toys for George on sale at Disney Store, Marie and Berlioz from Aristocats. We made them clothes tonight so they could play get married.
Girlicious starts tonight will it be as amusing as the last go around? With the writers back to work TV is looking like it might finally get better. I think I ought to get more TV since I'm losing my Nanny. I hear Disney Channel is great at watching kids. ;)


The Lowes said...

u are such a little shopper!! i always laugh at all your good deals and purchases, thanks for keeping me smiling!!

The Lowes said...

oh btw, i LOVE of my ALL TIME FAVS! (that and tarzan and little mermaid)

Zanne said...

um, I sent you a package that my car is working and the ice is finally melting...I actually made it to the post office.

Karen Valinda said...

OK, so I remember the initial release of the Aristocats... 1970 means I was ending 10th or begining 11th grade and I took Aunt LeAnna(8) and Uncle Troy(6 or7) to see it.

Sister Schmidt had Disney for her daycare kids in G-ville when you were little... that was before some of the more modern shows hit the air... but you just aren't the 'leave the TV on all day regardless' sort of person so I think the girls would love it, not as much as having Moga there... but still a plus.
AND if Disney is still carrying Charlie and Lola, grammy would come watch with George every day! I love Charlie and Lola, met them on Disney when JAK was born and I spent that month in WA.
Happy sewing! xoxoxox