Monday, February 25, 2008

All done!

The moment of truth has come.

I can no longer put it off.

My projects are done, and now it's time to get ready to go!

The girls are getting excited. We will go to the Zoo, the Seattle Science Center, the Tacoma Children's Museum and parks if the weather isn't too bad. :)

I went to Sam's club and bought ElCid survival food, car treats, water, juice boxes, and a new DS game. We'll be taking the DS, the VSmile, the DVD player, my Ipod and all the toys and books we can fit in the car. I got a new back of the seat organizer that we put over the 2 front seats and hopefully it will hold enough stuff.

Today we loaded all of Moga's junk into the car and it was good practice driving around with it all in there. My car is more, bouncy with the load. It also takes a bit more to stop and curves are a little different too.

Tomorrow I have to get the oil changed (like I said in denial) and pack my bag and we're just about there. Moga gets paid and as soon as her check comes in and my extra kid goes home we're outta here. The plan is to make it to Springville tomorrow night, Nampa ID the next night and then Bellingham/Tacoma the next day. It sounds simple enough. If I call any of you in the next couple of days I'm looking for directions or something to do while I drive so have your computer prepped and some small talk topics ready to go. :) Feel free to call me too if you get bored.

The last night in my own bed for a long time *sigh*, Moga better be grateful!


Karen Valinda said...
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Karen Valinda said...

Grammy has bananas for her George!
JE and I are still trying to find nooks for all the "too much stuff in a tiny apartment" (all the crannies are full already) so that our girls will have room to stretch out for the night and the forecast is still for 50's while you are here!
(There ARE rumors that the temp will be lower on your return trip, when you actually get to stay awhile but we have things planned to keep you warm!)
I picked up a filter and 5 qts of oil last night... now to arrange a time to borrow Jamieson's driveway!
Great idea to load early and drive around! Really does handle differently... like coming home from Sunnyvale took half again as long as getting down there empty~ Hope I am as clever as you are when I grow up!
You DO realize I have to call daily after yesterday's post...and today's invitation ;-}

Karen Valinda said...

WE are grateful! Very grateful for the opportunity to see all of you and even more grateful that you made a room for Moga(and her door),that she was able to be safe and gainfully employed...although she DID have a job in WA before she came to you... and that you are taking her(and her door?)back to God's country! Bellingham IS still part of His country, right?
Had to remove my first comment, used a real name I did.

Safire said...

Good luck on your trip! I'm sure you will do great. Drive safe!

Sandra Huntsman said...


Zanne said...

huh. if i had known you were going to be passing through, i would have saved on postage and just given you back your stuff.

redheadsmom said...

The Fearsome Foursome better be on the list of long layovers on the way back! I may need girlfriend time.