Saturday, February 16, 2008


I've been sick on and off for nearly a month. Sinus gunk, mild coughing, creeping crud on my throat, headaches...always being tired. I was finally feeling better when yesterday my throat started feeling icky AGAIN!

The girls each ran a fever for 2 days 2 weeks ago and then kept a cough for ...well it's not completely gone yet so I'll have to let you know how long it lasts.

ElCid and George have mostly escaped but I keep waiting for them to get attacked.

In much happier news I finally have dress orders! It has been so slow this year I was starting to worry. Unfortunately I'm taking Moga home and I have to push the ship dates off and then I'm not sure how I'm going to do everything. (The book recommendations are for Sundays)

In even happier news I got a real live pattern drawer!!!! I was at my favorite fabric store only in Vegas, Heddy's and the owner a super nice lady who dotes on George lavishly was getting rid of old pattern drawers and I got to bring one home free! I took out the old dresser I was using and put in the real drawer and ALL my patterns fit into 2 drawers. It's amazing how much they hold!!!

I have 2 Princess Beauty dresses, The Money Machine to fix and the Pirate corset to finish before we leave on the 26th I don't have time to be sick! UGH!!!


Karen Valinda said...

What is the "Money Machine" that you have to fix? The first thing that came to mind was your sewing machine... since mine is acting up and I have 3 or 4 projects I need it for just now... but you would have listed it first if that was true.
I will write to Moga for you,
"Dear Moga, help harder!". I rewatched "Saturday's Warrior a week or so ago... it was on BYU TV at 3 am but with Move Networks on the computer you can watch anything they have shone in the last month -at any time... except special things like the funeral which they seem to remove from the line up after the fact.
love and miss you, get better soon!

Karen Valinda said...

OK, shown... although shone probably works in a distant galaxy, far, far away...
Last time I skip "PREVIEW", eh?