Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I made treats for the girls to take to school and ElCid to share at work.

I went to bake the cookies and forgot I had stored the all ready done chocolates in the oven...and turned it on. It got to about 169 and I suddenly remember OH NO!!! I was on the phone with Flo and I started yelping for Moga and hung up unexpectedly and I pulled out the candy. Lucky for me it was glossy and moist but not ruined. I took it outside to cool and hopefully reharden.

After a couple minutes I went to check on it and discovered that a few bees had also discovered the sweets! One was buzzing around and one had rolled itself in a chocolate and gotten stuck. I picked the stuck one off with the BBQ tongs and slowly moved the tray away and the other flew off. It appeared the bees go to three of them!

Sweet ElCid brought me my daffodils tonight and he brought each girl a rose. They also got a book for last year like Sarah's. I really like :) They were delighted with their presents.

I went to Sandra's house today and we talked about web and costume stuff. I'm very excited about the changes that she's going to make and in June I'll have a new website. Sandra in return will have super fabulous dresses for her business! We both get what we want without having to do something we don't like. I also made a blog to go with my business site it will be kept updated with what my projects are and how they are coming along.

Okay I'm off to watch Peter Pan the DVD, I picked that up at Sandra's as well!

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Karen Valinda said...

I have the most divine grand daughters! They out shine the roses... which ARE exquisite, by the way.

A picture of you with daffodils would have been nice too...