Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Something else to do

I need to know some good books to read. I spent time in the last few days reading and that always reminds me how much I enjoy it.

Flo gave me the Twilight series to read but that only took a couple days. Now I'm waiting with the rest of everybody until August 2nd for the conclusion.

I like Harry Potter but I've read them like 5 times each.

I enjoy Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters but I've read lots of those lots of times.

I have all The Work and The Glory but I read all of them while on bed rest - twice. It has been a couple years so I could start them again.

My mother in law gave me a series to read and I'm going to look at those.

So I'm looking for new books to read ... preferably NOT an unfinished series. :) I'm very out of touch with current fiction and I'm not sure where to start anymore.

Anybody with some good books to start with let me know!


Zanne said...

YAY! You finally read the Twilight books. I imagine that this means that Flo has now read all three as well. My sister made me promise to go with her to a midnight release party at one of the bookstores when the 4th one comes out. Did you end up liking Fairest?

Safire said...

I can email you a list of my book club's books if you'd like. There are some good ones there. Or, I have a huge list of my own but I'm not sure you'd really like them...what kind of books do you like?

Karen Valinda said...

? ? ? The Twilight books ? ? ? And you think you are out of touch with current fiction!
SJK recommended a series to me, don't remember the name, about vampires but it's an LDS female? author... I could ask her... later when she would be awake ;-}
It is SAK's 34th birthday today, ElCid is behind again ~.*
Have you read the Chronicles of Narnia? All of them in story, not publishing, chronology? The Last Battle is my favorite, Caspian and the Silver Chair... the ones in the middle anyway... bog down for me. Just like with Tolkien, the Two Towers makes a better paperweight than anything else during the time Frodo and Sam are wandering lost through endless rocky landscapes!
Anyway, the Magician's Nephew is the real start... how the White Witch appeared on the scene... and a Horse and his Boy is kind of fun in a 'off the usual track and future background' sort of way.

The Fortress series by C.J. Cherryh is good, not exactly current and fantasy/science fiction but NOT a bunch of space travel or aliens. I really enjoyed her Forge series and I think you might even though it does have some space and aliens involved.

I could loan you Eragon and Elder. It began as the Inheritance trilogy but he has since realized it will take 4 books to finish it so it is now the Inheritance Cycle-clever, eh? Number 3 is due this year?(September 20, 2008-Brisinger) Eragon is NOTHING like the movie... which combined both the books in some measure, I took SAK's advice and stayed away! alagaesia.com I think

Time to get to the kitchen... yesterday's project but it will take a week! I am listening to the Harry Potter CD Dan and Beki gave me for my birthday as I work ;-}

Zanne said...

Have you tried any Orson Scott Card? I think I am the only person in my family that hasn't read the Ender series yet. A natural hazard of my job is that I am more familiar with giving recommendations to teenagers. Oh, I know, read some Bessie Head or Chinua Achebe. LOLOLOL

Karen Valinda said...

I have the Ender books all in one volume, Buh found it at DI and left it with us... I read them so long ago... but it was more a "boy" thing in my mind...

Karen Valinda said...

Card has lots of good books, just reread my comment and it wasn't as positive as I meant it to be ;-Þ

My sweet girl let me know that the series recommmended by SJK IS the Twilight books... older folk can be so amusing, not sure I was told the name of the series... I'll just write it down to avoid a repeat performance!

redheadsmom said...

You really should read Jane Eyre! Look on the bright side. you will be completely unaware of any geographical mistakes.

Hillary said...

Wait. Who are you and what did you do with my over-busy sister-in-law? I vote for Jane Eyre as well. Loved it. Our little Jane got her name from her.

Safire said...

I thought of a book that you would probably really like. It's a huge series of books (sorry, the last ones aren't out yet!) but they are very good.

Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon

Now, I have to warn you, it's not a pg rated book...more of a pg-13. And the books are close to 500 pages each. But man are they good!!