Thursday, January 17, 2008

This WAS the year

I don't really like New Year's resolutions. I think if you're going to set a goal just do it, but usually I do "resolve" at the beginning of each year (right after Christmas) that this next year WILL be the year I stay out of overdraft, that this WILL be the year I don't buy my kids too many things and I do really well for a week or two (like most resolutions) I didn't buy anything from Target clearance and they are going to spend their OWN money this weekend at Build a Bear and Disney on Ice. Then today we went to Sam's Club (and it's ALL the tomatoes fault) and on the clearance rack was the camera I wanted to get Jr. for Christmas but it was $70, today it was $22. There was also The Rose Petal Cottage I wanted for George but she would be the only one who can use it for very long it was $120, today was $40. I HAD to get them!! It was a force I couldn't resist. (Flo STOP laughing!) So my kids got stuff today. That will be the last thing they get ... until Easter. (Flo STOP laughing!) If I hadn't had George with me I'd have saved the stuff for Easter...maybe... oh well, I'll do better and there's always NEXT year!


Karen Valinda said...

So, is the clearance rack near the tomatoes? (Is Flo laughing?)
I and Jr and George feel you made excellent decisions! Especially if Jr lets Grammy try out her camera... I was yearbook photographer! I know a couple of things about cameras and picture taking... and Jr could teach me a couple more! George should tell Grammy all about the rose petal cottage, sounds awesome. xoxoxox

Hillary said...

I know! Yesterday I got a 20% off coupon in the mail for the children's place. That coupled with "take an additional 30% off already reduced merchandise" made me forgo my resolve that Sarah doesn't NEED any new clothes (thanks to George, of course). I ended up buying 2 sweaters, a shirt and jeans for her... We are calling them her birthday clothes. Ah the resolutions.

redheadsmom said...

Yes flo definitely had a good chuckle but I can't say I wouldn't do the same!