Friday, January 18, 2008

Or maybe NOT!

The Rose Petal Cottage I'm discovering was a HUGELY ENORMOUS good deal. Not only does George want to live there forever with Baby Alive I thought oh I should check and see how much the other accessories run just for future reference. She has the nursery set - a cradle and changing table and she has the stove and the making muffins set. So I hop on Ebay and the washer and sink are EACH nearly $40 so with shipping and all it would be like $100 to get them. I was thinking these folks are nutty. Then I went to and on that website the sink and washer are $80+ EACH. At Toys R Us .com they are only $30 each but unavailable. Now I'm thinking I ought to go back to Sam's club and buy a couple more, sell them on ebay and make some $$$. The set I got for $40 which was listed originally at $120 from Toys R Us would have been $160. So short story George is NOT getting the accessories until I find them at a reasonable price!!

The house is 2 pieces and when pushed together it's a whole house

It has a door with magnets so it stays closed

The 2 sides push apart so you can have a bigger house

As you can see it's the perfect size for George but even Jr. loves to play in it!

The camera is also a HUGE hit but it certainly is a $22 camera. Had I actually paid $70 I would have returned it. The camera on my cell phone (I got an enV in orange) has a better picture resolution. I also need to get an SD card for it so it will take more than 26 pictures at a time. Lucky for me a 512 SD card will hold like 1000 pictures, not joking. It's like those kid camera's they had back in the old days when film still existed and they could only take like 200 speed film and they had no focus so you could only take pictures at a certain distance. This is the digital version of that. Totally cool for $20. It can be bounced off the floor and it keeps on ticking. Here are some examples of the fun they've already had. I'm SOOO glad I only have to pay my electricity bill to run my computer to see these gems and not developing fees. I LOVE technology!The photographer is in parenthesis.

(Jr) has taken 50 pictures of her bear all over the house








Anyways that's all for now, I'm off to finish Giselle in her pink dress (Fred) for Disney on Ice tomorrow!!!! (My Dad gave the girls tickets & $10 each to spend there for Christmas) I've already done Belle (Jr.) and Giselle in her blue dress (George).
It's going to be a "day of fun" Flo, Mater and their kids are coming we're going to play Wii, go to Build a Bear (we gave them bucks for Christmas), and then the girls are going to the 7:30 pm showing while the boys go to mini grand prix. I need a nap just thinking about it!

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Karen Valinda said...

I can't believe I showed this to other people and never commented on what excellent photographers my grand daughters are! At least not here and in print... and yes, my child DID take the most focus'ed shot, but Jr and George show great promise... I love the shot of V that George took! (I was impressed that Jr let Fred take a picture - pictures? - it can be hard to share a new camera!)

Lucas is into you buying a $22 camera for him ;-} Costco did NOT have anything nearly as exciting on their 'Need to get rid of' shelves! He needs it to mount on him somewhere to take photos while paintballing... I wish I was kidding.