Tuesday, January 8, 2008

pictures of the people

Like most kids my kids LOVE being photographed. Here are some recent pics.

She could be wearing a bathing suit.
She wanted pictures of herself floating in the water and I vetoed those!
Happy Birthday ElCid! The girls threw him a Star Wars surprise party.

A friend of mine asked me to make her daughter a Sleeping Beauty dress. Jr. really enjoyed being the model, now if I could just get her to smile naturally! I added silver swirls to the collar, a sheer shimmer to the peplum and a fantastic brocade for the godets. I got my first official order today it's for a Sleeping Beauty, too bad this one won't work!

For those of you not up on Jeopardy I like the current boy (Dan), he's no Ken yet but he's doing really well. I'm not sure if I'd like him if I were his wife, his first baby was due the day the show was taped.


Karen Valinda said...

Well no WONDER we missed the party, it was a SURPRISE party! He looks happy blowing out those candles ;-Þ

Jr looks very nice in pink sleeping beauty and her smile is pretty even if it is 'staged'. Are you going to use the new choices of fabrics for the grownup dress?
I am happy for you but a little sad that the orders have begun and your life is back to business... like the holidays were a real rest this time around, eh?
Excellent work my dear, I will keep referring people to your site, haven't asked the future mother-in-law about Fairy Godmother yet *o^ but I will let you know. xoxoxox

The Lowes said...

i really like how the skirt has different materials, that's a great idea!! ask your friend if she wants to trade with mine!!