Friday, January 25, 2008

Practically Perfect and just a normal day

So my girl in New York wrote me email that she needs the white Mary Poppins dress for Feb. 2nd. She actually caught me on a good day when I honestly had nothing better to do so I agreed to do it. The fabric was hideously expensive, I usually get $8 a yard fabric this was $23 a yard fabric for the top layer. It's actually going okay which makes me nervous that something is going to come up and bite me in the bum. I've included some reference photos for those of you who like me don't really know what that dress looks like. I have no clue who the cute kid with Mary Poppins at Disneyland is she was on the internet...just like those commercials say if you put it on the internet you never know who'll see it!

Here's the top so far, no it doesn't have the ruffly collar on yet.

This was the prettiest Mary Poppins I found on the internet some were really scary and some were really ... English
And of course the original
Tomorrow Flo and a friend are coming into town to see a concert and we're going to hang out some. I have the promise of a girls night dinner that sounds like fun!

Fred has a birthday party at the Santa Fe Bowling Center and when we got the present tonight we also bought her deodorant. No really. She leaned over to give me a kiss goodnight about 3 days ago and my nose was at her arm pit level and I about died! Locker rooms smelled better, so I told her it was time she could wear deodorant. She happily stood in the aisle at Target smelling like 12 different flavors until she picked some cocoa butter flavor, which I hope will smell better than wet dog/smelly shoe/garbage. You couldn't smell her from far away but I'd rather have her get used to using deodorant before it becomes a REAL issue. I've never want my kids to be the stinky kid.

Tonight Moga took me to Meet The Spartans which IS as dumb as it looks, but it killed less brain cells than Scary Movie ...4? did. Just like the last movie I saw like this I missed half the jokes because I didn't see the movie they were mocking but I got the other half that were mocking TV and movie stars. Yay for me?

No, I didn't see Monte Carlo up close but I did see the smoke from my end of town, whenever huge clouds of black smoke bellow from the Strip your heart stops for a second and you have to wonder what and where is that?

This last picture is George and Daddy's hair with her new clips (they were in the one spot they don't count as me buying her something...STOP LAUGHING FLO!!!).


TheDivaMommyPrincess said...

Great fabric! Looks like you are off to a great start - aren't you excited about the corset? Why do I so love corsets? Oooooh - I tried a new boning technique for THE wedding gown - it worked great. Call if you want my secrets...

The Lowes said...

the gown looks gorgeous, very nice very nice! i wish i had u and sandra's talents...blah.

redheadsmom said...

i saw the monte carlo up close! loving the clips in daddy's hair by the way

redheadsmom said...

i saw the monte carlo up close! loving the clips in daddy's hair by the way