Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Details and snakes and groundhogs..Oh My!!

I didn't think my wedding dress was all that "expensive" when I bought it, it was $500. It is very simple as you could see in the other pictures. It's a high waist full flowing skirt with out anything underneath. I did wonder where the cost came in and now I know... all of the 10,000 beads were sewn on individually one at a time. I've decided it's a very good thing I started this project now as it's taken me almost 3 days just to dismantle it! The fireside for kids getting baptized this year is on Sunday and Fred is excited. Here are some pics of the finer details not seen in the other pictures.


back, yes the butt bow will be on the girls dress

center front

Last year for Christmas Jr. got a cookbook and I try once a month to make a recipe out of it. Yesterday we make the snake sandwich. His name was Spiky. He was very tasty with chips and carrots.

Fred is the "reporter" for a skit at school for Groundhog day she was running lines with Moga and George was taping the whole thing. If you get seasick easily simply just listen don't watch as much. Yes I know you hear their real names but it's too funny to miss. Listen to what George says she'd like when she's asked if she wants Spring or Winter. She's just too cute!


Karen Valinda said...

So how come it was steadiest when Fred and Moga were ON camera? Wouldn't that mean George was doing the filming at that point?

Please let JR know that Spiky looks good enough to eat! She could email Lucas and I with a list of ingredients - hint, hint

Good prompting Moga!

Karen Valinda said...

Oh yes! I did not remember how detailed the beading was either, and am sure it never occurred to me that it was hand done as opposed to part of making the lace.


Safire said...

Very cute! Thanks for sharing. :)