Monday, January 28, 2008

Why is it so hard to just get a job done? Why do my kids have to fight and be lazy and play around when they could just do the job and go play!!!!!!! Today is clean the living room day we have a formal living room and a family room I sent them to work on the formal living room while I started dinner and They have messed around for 10 minutes longer than it would have taken to JUST DO IT!!!!!! Nike has a point I have to admit!

Mary Poppins is still going okay and the skirt and ruffly tie thing are on. I have the underside of the corset done (the side with all the boning) and I'll have to see if the rest gets done tonight or in the morning. It depends on if my husband ever gets home and if my kids ever go to bed. Have I whined yet today that I HATE tax season?!?!

Ya know it's slim pickings when the State of the union address is the only thing on TV tonight that isn't a repeat. ElCid has a client that writes for one of my favorite shows he keeps us updated on the picket line and if I have any hope of a fall season (it looks like no). I'm kind of really glad that I decided to get Netflix, there isn't anything else on. I really like the watch it now feature, especially since the computer is 6 feet from my sewing machine. :)

Okay back to the grind stone...Hillary and Sarah are coming and I need to get my floors 1 yr old clean!


Hillary said...

We can't wait to come! Hang in there.

Karen Valinda said...

It may be genetic... do you remember "Pink Purgatory"? ! ! ! I think our 'secret weapon' was your father and 'it' pretty much only worked on you kids keeping your stuff out of the living room. Extend Moga's hours... tell her that during tax season she has "crack the whip" detail until 8 instead of 4... or something...

Karen Valinda said...

I hit "preview" so why did it publish? Too early in the morning to start being ornery with the old mom! I just wanted to say congratulations on Mary going smoothly still, the picture is beautiful, does the cost get passed on to the customer? Does she have to pre-approve it? Do you just absorb it this time and raise it for future orders? It is fine if you don't have time to answer... I was just wondering!
Have two hours worth of labels to write before leaving for the office this morning... in an hour and a half ;-}