Thursday, January 3, 2008

"Snow" Angel

Jr. won't let a lack of snow stop her from wintertime fun!

She also got a very cool fry in her container tonight, Peter "cooked".

Wii have been having a lot of fun playing with my present from Peter. It's a riot to watch the girls bowl and play tennis!

I put on my dress for the last time today it would zip all the way up to my ribcage but wouldn't go any farther, darn my broad back! I'm going to start taking it apart for Fred's baptism dress next week. (The big day isn't until May 3rd but I'm not going to wait.) Flo took the plunge and dismantled hers years ago so for Sally's blessing dress so here I go!


The Lowes said...

I can't even get my dress over my hips...are u kidding me? I could use the actaul dress for Kora's baptism in 3 years and not have to alter anything except the length!!! if i could get it up to my ribcage that would be amazing. i was a toothpick back then, ugh...not a fun time to talk about being thin, i feel like a whale.

Hillary said...

You look fabuloso. I love the blanket angel. So cute. And I can't believe Peter got you the Wii. (That's what it's called, right?) Looks so fun.

Karen Valinda said...

Jr is having SO much fun! I can remember my kids so young and uninhibited!(not often enough...) I am interested in how the fabric works out for Fred's dress, lace, beading, etc. She will be beautiful, she will!
I would have been tempted to blame a more ample bosum instead of the poor ribcage, the shoulders fit nicely! xoxoxox