Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Day of Fun!

So Saturday was a success I think. We got the house a little bit picked up so people wouldn't trip over the laundry (WHY do my kids have SOOO many clothes?) and hurt themselves. Then the company showed up and the kids played in the new "doll house" and they showed them Wii bowling and the other sports. Once we fed the people lunch Flo and I played Raving Rabbids and laughed until we about fell over. After lunch was blessed quiet time and Flo, her mom and I snuck away to do some shopping. We got back from shopping, Susan stopped by to say Hi! and then it was off to Build a Bear.

Fred got her bears a way stylin' new outfit complete with sunglasses and cellphone. Shockingly enough Jr. got her 4th bear of the same variety (so now she actually has 2 sets of twins) BUT it has no noise and it 's wearing a different outfit, one that looks a lot like the one she got for her teacher's puppy. George has decided that the monkey she got for her birthday is a boy now so she got him a cowboy outfit. Hat, vest, jeans and boots. I was very proud of myself I had to chip in a couple $'s but everyone spent their own money!! We stopped at the golden arches on the way home to get dinner for the kids and Panda for those with taste buds. We dressed the girls in their pretty dresses and off we went to Princesses!!!!!!

Our seats were good and the girls LOVED it. George was mesmerized the entire time and the $12 snow cones were in an Ariel cup this year so we have a new character. It will be sad when they decide they are too old for princesses and they want to go to places like Hanna Montana instead. Here are pictures of them in their dresses. Fred's dress looked better with less light.

We had such a great time and it was so fun to watch them watch the show! We got home rather late and the kids crashed out immediately. Sunday was low key due to tired people but the memory lives on and they're all ready discussing what they hope it will be next time!

Thanks for all the fun Dad!

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Karen Valinda said...

I must be older than I think, when did Gisele wear the pink dress? I recognize the blue one and the pink dress is very pretty, my mind is just a blank! If I use our gift certificates to see Enchanted again JE will NOT be amused! Please help the aging Grammy...

It sounds like an amazing weekend! When will you be posting pictures of the new outfits/bears?

We woke up to 10 degrees this morning, may we come live with you? ;-}