Sunday, December 9, 2007

Random Ramblings

When I was in high school there was an "underground" publication called ie. It was put out by the students and had little to no adult supervision. Each month there were pages where you could just write whatever. This is one of those pages.

Holiday shop is done! It went ... we'll find out if we broke even or not at our next meeting in Jan. The holiday shop isn't to make money it's to give kids the chance to shop by themselves. Both my girls loved it. Fred bought me a present but then decided she had been mistaken and the present she bought for C was actually hers so the present she bought me was really for C. Really she just wanted to keep the nail polish for herself and I'm okay not getting the cheapy ring.

I'm almost finished cutting out the dresses I have Fred's and Sarah's left, and I'm still figuring out the ruffle I'm adding.

I almost finished the extra project I added for the girls for the wedding, I just have lots of hand sewing left.

We went yesterday and got the girl's presents for their teachers. I spent more than I wanted but that always seems to happen.

I made the first batch of cupcakes to take to St.George this weekend, I'm going to make a couple different flavors and let people "taste test". For Heimer and Cindy's reception in St.George we're having "gourmet" cupcakes.

So far the flavors are Dark Chocolate with chocolate ganache center and butter cream frosting.

The flavors up for decision are lemon with fluffy boiled icing (it's like marshmallow), Strawberry with cream cheese frosting, White chocolate with White chocolate icing, Orange Almond with butter cream frosting and something else...I think.

This week I have nothing for school until Friday when I'm going to help set up Breakfast with Santa. I won't be going because we're going to St. George but I wasn't going to take my kids anyway because we don't do S-A-N-T-A at our house. The girls have been trained to say "I believe in Jesus' birthday". It's a personal hang up of mine. ElCid hasn't minded but our kids have started requesting a present from Santa even though I tell them straight out I'm just going to wrap up something I bought you. They don't care and I don't pretend. There is already under our tree a present for ElCid, Fred, Jr, George and Moga from Santa. I've told my kids to be nice and not tell other kids that Santa isn't real and they are good about it except for my spare kid, they fight with him about it.

Well it's bedtime and people are waiting on me for song and prayer. I just had to take time to post so I wouldn't be one of THOSE people!


Karen Valinda said...

I want to taste test cupcakes!
The real 'ie' was more random, fyi ;-Þ probably due to multiple authors, eh?
Great progress on the dresses! I was thinking of you last night wondering if life was co-operating glad to hear that it is! Didn't your teachers usually get cookies and/or something you made yourself? You always were into making things yourself, you enjoyed it more than shopping, then! kisses! xoxoxox

Zanne said...

<3 <3 <3 <3 IE!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
RRR - Roseanne's Random Ramblings, the softer, kinder side to the KKK - Kristie's Komplaint Kolumn. I still wish I had left the editorship to someone else. That is a big regret of mine. Btw, Beki never gave me back my IE I guess the stuff I wrote is gone forever. T.T

Susan said...

Do you think it's still around? IE I mean? I miss those days, and I its hard to believe we were so young and so angsty. :)