Thursday, December 6, 2007

Picture Day!

I've gotten two reminders home from school that this Friday is retake day for pictures. I was starting to get concerned because I hadn't seen the first set of pictures. I went in to the office and asked the ladies there when the originals were sent home and the answer was ... today! So here are their pictures.

Jr's picture turned out 100% than Fred's kindergarten picture so I'm happy. I wish they would have told her to fix her hair, why don't they tell kids things like that? (Buh can you remove that piece under her chin?) Fred continues to turn in a great smile and energy. I'm so lucky to have such cute kids!


Karen Valinda said...

It is a continual pleasure that I have such gorgeous grandchildren! Buh has done far more intricate things than removing errant strands of hair, I will remind him to visit here and take a look.
Will they do a retake for stray hair or does it have to be something major? She does look incredibly sweet... xoxoxox

The Lowes said...

lovely! i love that super dark hair. how is it that none of my (bio) kids have dark hair when their father is part japanese??? don't ask me, but i wish someone would inherit it!

Safire said...

They are very cute! And you could probably photoshop out the stray hair if it bugs you...I think it gives her that much more personality. :)