Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Here are some pictures I took in the last little while, it's my family, Thanksgiving, Chaz...etc. BTW there is another new post after the pictures post.

We'll go in the order they were loaded so they might skip around a bit.

Cindy at her party
Cindy getting a present from Me. :)

Jr. asleep at rest time the other day, no I don't know why.

Chaz on our car

Jr. holding the rope so he won't fall off

Drox took one for the team we shaved parts of his hair to show Fred it didn't hurt

The table at Cindy's party

Cindy and her Mom

M & baby #1

Toadwat, she wasn't going to come to Cindy's party, but changed her mind

Buh and Nan starving because I wanted a picture first

The Food...mmmmm...smells yummy!

Fred's new hair

Buh & Drox shared the futon couch

Wake up and play with me!!!

Yes I'm up, Fred isn't though

Me, my Mum & Jr.

ElCid, Drox & George, the gamers

Nan and Roger

My Mum, Moga and the food ....mmmmmm...yummy
Okay so I guess that's all! Hope you enjoyed your glimpse of our fun family holiday!


Karen Valinda said...

I told Beki she could see the lovely mashed carrots at your blog. So Cindy's mom looks mostly harmless... for a 'party crasher', I would have been too embarrassed, but would have pulled you aside to talk... if there had been more time and less distance involved! Oh yeah, and if I hadn't already talked to you ad infinitum... and you thought I didn't remember those friendly, 'you will need to know someday' moments!
I see that face young lady! xoxoxox

Susan said...

So great to see pics of everyone. We have gotten so grown up haven't we? I always think of us a lot younger than we really are.

Zanne said...

I agree with Susan. Plus, I loved the "Wake up and play with me" caption. Turn about is fair play, right Drox?

That looks like yummy food. But it is so little...no wonder Buh and Nan look hungry...I have become so accustomed to putting food out for 30+ people on Thanksgiving, that any spread with only one turkey looks small.