Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Okay, it is a little sad.

"We're little people with helping hands, little people with great big plans, little people we count from one to ten, little people and we'll always be friends".

Part of overcompensating for my child hood was getting loads of Little People for my people. At one time my kids had every set out there, then Fisher-Price expanded the line and I couldn't keep up. Today I made the executive decision that the Little People have been outgrown and NOW I'm sad that they are getting older. George really isn't too old for them but her big sisters have influenced her to older toys sooner. I never got to buy the Dinosaur set or the pirate set. *Sigh*

Happily Baby Sarah will be the benefactor of the little people collection. Here are some pictures.

There are some pieces missing that I know about like the prince and princess, the other unicorn... and I'm sure there are others I don't know about. The play room is undergoing it's yearly dig out before Christmas so I'm sure I'll find them. I did actually start the pirate set I have one guy with a treasure chest... I just never got the ship. There are also some peices not pictured because I all ready gave them away. The fun park, the farm house, the family house and the zoo (Sarah already has that piece).

We have loved the Little People and hopefully so will Sarah.


Karen Valinda said...

Now when I am old and senile and come to visit I won't be able to help Noah load the ark with little animals, *sigh* YOU will have to amuse me... (ornery smirk) maybe Sarah will be shy a few little critters, eh?
I think it is wonderful that you are so sweet and generous! It will make the toyroom a little easier to pick up, but the real toyroom plague, in my mind, is either the teeny tiny Barbie/Bratz accessories or the awesome dress up stuff, all good but all prone to end up spread out, easier to play with that way, ya know - or maybe the crayons/pencils/markers...
The collection of little people is impressive, I hear the hobby hall in Puyallup calling ;-} xoxoxox

Roger said...
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Hillary said...

We are sooooo excited. Can't wait. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!!!