Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Halfway there!!

The 3 yellow dresses are done! If the wedding were tomorrow they would be dressed, the blue girls wouldn't be so lucky. They should be done by Friday so I can take Sally hers this weekend. Flo tells me she's dying to know what she's wearing, she is a lot like Fred very fashion aware. Here are pics of George in her dress.

She was being such a stinker first she didn't want it on, then it was ouchie, then she whined and made faces for 2 minutes but I held out and finally got her to smile. The closer picture is her "laughing" it was way forced but it was all I could get.
It was pointed out in a comment that I never said who is wearing what. Fred, Sally and Twin A are wearing the blue and Jr., George and Sarah are in the yellow.


Hillary said...

So super cute. I can't wait to see Sarah in her pretty yellow dress. You're amazing.

Karen Valinda said...

Who is yellow? Sarah, George and ? And who is grammy'sfavoriteblue? George looks beautiful in her dress, Cindy may get jealous surrounded by 6?dazzling beauties!

Beautiful job Ddonn, I love the ribbons! xoxoxox

Zanne said...

The dresses are wonderful. I remember you telling me that you wanted the scalloped hem when I saw you in St. George, and it looks really great.

The Lowes said...

very cute!@!