Monday, December 17, 2007

Now we're ready!

The blue half is done! Here are pics of Sally and Fred in their dresses. Fred's dress is slightly different because she is oldest, there has to be SOMETHING good about that!

Sally posed for me in St.George

Even though it is slightly shorter than what Flo likes she was diggin' it!

Fred's IS as long as Flo likes.

She is such a poser.

This dress is also good for dancing the Hula - as seen here.

Now I have hand sewing on their outdoor accessories and I'm done. *phew*


Karen Valinda said...
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Karen Valinda said...

Sally looks great. Are the moms dressing to match... cause if they ARE you will be stripey girl! Fred looks divine in the 'big girl' length ;-}
Makes me want to have a wedding just so you can make the dresses - and supply the pretty little girls, oh yes! Please note: 'Have a wedding' can apply to any of your unwed siblings NOT your old mom, Thank You! xoxoxox
Bravo! Excellent work!