Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Maybe it's Missing"

We continued unearthing historical items in the playroom today and George is WAY into donating to Baby Sarah since the donation of the guys (Little People).
{BTW Hil if there is anything Sarah can't use it can go to Em.}

This toy has the best story and since it is going the way of the world I thought I'd share it.

This is one of the first toys we ever bought specifically for Jr. We bought it for her when she was about 6 months old, Fred was about 2. We were headed to St. George not long after purchasing it and since it was a fast favorite of Jr.'s we wanted to take it along. It is very cute it says numbers, colors and roars when it is pushed, or if you walk past it hard or sometimes for no reason at all. As we were packing up I mentioned to ElCid that I wanted to bring it along and we needed to make sure it got in the car etc. We continued packing and before long it was the last thing to go to the car. He and I both knew it had been in the living room but we couldn't find it anywhere Jr. wasn't a very good crawler yet so we knew she hadn't taken it anywhere and we were at a loss. Finally out of desperation to get going we asked Fred if she had seen the Dinosaur. At first she feigned ignorance but after 2 seconds we could tell that she knew what we were talking about so we just asked hey do you know where it is. Finally she just gave us an icy little glare with a set jaw and said "Maybe it's missing." Since this was the first glimpse of her diabolical jealous side ElCid and I were floored and told her to go get the toy for us. It took a couple minutes but we finally got her to fess up to where she had stashed it, in the bottom cabinet of the entertainment center. (Yes this is still the same one all these years later.)

Since then we've seen her scheming side more then once but this will always remain a favorite story as it was her first real plot.


Karen Valinda said...

My little Fred is innocent I tell you, innocent! One of you put it in the cabinet in a fit of dementia and she was just an innocent observer. Besides, that rotten little interloper was obviously there to stay and threatening Fred's position as the center of the universe - DUH!
Mind you, I like Jr. just fine myself but I did NOT have to share you and El Cid with her... I have to share you with ALL of them, Fred doesn't know how good she has it, eh? xoxoxox

Zanne said...

"Maybe it's missing." Sounds like your family's version of my sister's "oh, I remember, I remember very well" immortalized on camera by the happy U of W researchers. Fred is SO your child. hee hee