Monday, December 17, 2007

Outdoor accessory

I've always wanted an excuse to make my kids cute capes and the wedding in Ogden is a great reason! All 6 girls have a cape but Baby Sarah doesn't have a muff. I figure it's just one less thing for her to eat.

Fred decided they aren't Snow Angels they will be Snow Princesses. She also fancies herself very cool because Samantha from the American Girl books had a cape and muff.

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Karen Valinda said...

As I commented on Fred's site... she is an angel princess in this. It is amazing Valinda, absolutely amazing. How did you come up with such a perfect combination of fabric and 'fluff' ?
I would have to agree that a muff for a teeny girl would lean toward 'one more thing to keep track of' instead of keeping her hands warm and toasty!
So, Christmas dresses next or are the wedding ones going to do double duty? xoxoxox