Wednesday, November 7, 2007

These is penguins..ya got that?!

My three girls are very big pajama people! They love to borrow mine & ElCid's shirts and have quite the assortment of pj's themselves.

George found a double set of pj's on clearance for $4.25 at Target yesterday and drug them all around while we waited for Fred's allergy prescription to be done. "I love them baby tweet tweets cause theys such cute penguins." To the rest of the world and the designer they look like owls, but don't call them that. Fred commented on the cute owls and George came back with the line "These is penguins-ya got that?" She loves long pants pj's.

Jr. has a nightshirt she wears every night it has Ariel on it. She is a firm believer in once you've found something you like stick with it! I got it on clearnace at Toys R Us - I'm thinking I might need to find another on ebay or something. :)

Fred likes big shirts and the pants I made for her 6th birthday party, they are getting way short! She like to wear "grown-up" pj's

After baths & blow drying their hair I left to put the stuff away and returned to find the 3 of them sitting on the table watching TV. They are so cute sometimes!


VMom said...

You never let Lucas (and I quote-he wants to be safe from perverts) or I sit on the table! Maybe for thanksgivinee... my mom gave me pj's from victoria's secret... they were too small for Missy... and the neckline plunges WAY DOWN, but they ARE deep blue! I love my George's penguins! So does little uncle L3uc0 some people's kids!

VMom said...

Hey, it is Jean-Luc, and the kilt I want is 140 bucks, but I figered you could prolly make me about four for that much. Please call or e-mail me with you thoughts. George looks adorable in her baby tweety bird these is penguins jamas!