Thursday, November 8, 2007

Some of the worst sounds

That aren't fatal. I've never heard any of those.

I started off the day with the sounds of George barfing. She repeated the act several more times in the morning but by afternoon she was fine.

The day was uneventful and I actually got a little bit done including Peter Pan laundry. I took it all over to the Theater and was home and got a phone call from the director, he wanted to know if I'd dropped off the laundry yet cause there were people missing things. My heart stopped! (I accidentally dropped a shirt one time and had to whip up a new one.) I asked who and what pieces and the stuff he said wasn't there WAS, I put it on a hanger on the rack in the guys dressing room. Apparently the lost boy didn't think to look where it belonged!

I go fetch all the stuff Saturday night and wash it for the last time then take it to storage and I am DONE!!!

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VMom said...

Ya know, Never being the pivot for a show Ever again, might have its pluses... now that you can say "been there, done that" Do they have a T-shirt? ( some people tack on 'got the T-shirt') I was sad to hear about George's ailment, even sadder to hear about the lingering symptoms from one who had to deal with the morning pull up >blech!<
You should become a diva as a costume designer/seamstress~ only take on the characters you want, fabrics of your choice, all items to be transported by the service of your choice... I am sure you get the drift. With your ability you would soon be too busy even with such parameters! I am NOT biased! xoxoxox