Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My little pony

I was at Target today and they had Halloween on clearance. I looked through the costumes in hopes of finding something interesting and I found one of those ponies that looks like you're riding it. It looked a lot like a pony I got for George in Pheonix, she loves that pony and even though the kids wearing costumes that looked like they were riding assorted "things" kind of freaked out George I thought she might change her mind. I bought the pony at 75% off and she loves it! Here are pictures of her riding the pony as Cinderella.

*hint** hint* for anyone who wants to get me the best Christmas present ever I saw in an Ad that you can buy the "original" version of the Cotton Candy ~ My Little Pony.


Safire said...

I still have my original Cotton Candy My Little Pony. :)

She looks adorable on the pony! I want one! :)

VMom said...

Valinda would still have hers IF my husband's 2nd wife's daughter hadn't stolen it at church and claimed it was hers! The mom didn't care that it had Lindy's clip in its tail, apparently they couldn't find theirs and that was the easy way to replace it ;-Þ

safire can have the pony, I want George! I will promise her penguins ! I love my girls, Grammy