Friday, November 9, 2007


So I was talking to My Zanne today, she has known me for ...14 years...(Wow! next September there will be more years she's known me than not, that is awesome!) anyhow I was telling her about the tag and how I need one more thing and we rehashed several ideas that are viable options but we boiled it down to one. Are you ready?

#6 I've kissed a girl (full on the lips)

It was an accident but it really happened. My friend Susan (whom I have known for 15 years) and I were walking out of choir together with our elbows linked (we used to randomly kiss each other on the cheek) and we turned at the same moment to kiss each other and we landed on the mouth. Another girl we had lots of classes with was behind us and she was all like "Uh was that what I think it was?" We giggled, shrugged and said yes.

So there you have it. I think all the people I know on blogs have been tagged so everybody is off the hook.

The question was raised in a comment whether or not I got a Peter Pan t-shirt yes I did, here is what it looks like.

Happy days are here again!!! Mint M&M's are back at Target! Here is my last bag from last year and my first bag from this year.

Here is what happens when you let your 3 year old watch Transformers. Don't worry we fast forwarded that one scene.


VMom said...

Beware the one-eyed Easy Mac! She may be lethal... mwahahahahaha

I am sure you drew my name for Christmas Ddonn, you did! I will drool on your mint uhbuhdews! I mean I am sure your mom taught you to share especially at thanksgiviny

I DO like the t-shirt ;-}

Roseanne said...

My husband was just teasing me last week because I hold onto my last bag of mint m&ms for at least three months. Thanks for giving me the opportunity of telling him, "See, I'm not the only one." Yes, they are that important.

VMom said...

Oh Yeah, I already knew about the kissing Susan deal, when do you do the "6 things my MOM doesn't know" list? (Big wide-eyed,innocent, head tilted, questioning look)

Wish I had a bag of mint uhbuhdews to hold onto! Maybe FHE will include a stop at Target today!

I love Aunt Zanne! xoxoxox

Susan said...

What can I say other than just laughing. :)