Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sharing Time

I did sharing time at church today and we talked about our blessings.

I printed up small pictures of cornucopias from the internet, cut them out and taped them to the bottom of one chair in each row.

Each child that found one on their chair got to come up and say one blessing they had.

My 2 sweet sunbeams got to put either a plastic fruit or vegetable into a bowl every time someone said their blessing - we were trying to "overflow" it with blessings.

I planned on not having enough kids with just the papers on the chairs so after we went through all of them I asked what else we could do and they all started calling out blessings and our bowl filled up fast!

I finished up by saying that Heavenly Father has given us more blessings than any bowl could hold and we need to be sure to be grateful for all our blessings both big and small! I also handed out a sheet of paper with a cornucopia on it and bubbles so they could fill it up with their own blessings. I included it here so you all can make your own too! Instant FHE :)


VMom said...

Jean-Luc's sensei assigned them to come prepared to list 10 things they are grateful for tomorrow at class, and he even mentioned he did NOT want to hear things like "my ipod" so this will allow him to practice tonight and do better tomorrow, eh? Thank you, Ddonn, thank you. Time to head for school, first day of wrestling practice... this time tomorrow he will be leaving practice for the shower in the locker room, and who IS it that will be getting him there at 6:15? Better than early morning seminary! xoxoxox

Roger said...

We will definitely do this for FHE. If I ever get called to the primary, you will be hearing from me often.