Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nature Boy !!

I finally cornered ElCid and he had no place to run so he finally tackled trimming our tree in front and taking out 2 stumps left over from trees I cut down a couple years ago. :)

The girls helped with the leaf blower. Jr. was out there too,
I'm not sure why there isn't a picture of her.


VMom said...

El Cid kinda looks like he thinks all the branches look rather nice right where they are, thank you very much! Did he dig the stumps or just cut 'em off at the ground or pull 'em with a chain attached to the bumper of the pickup? ;-}

How are the roses doing? I never heard if you and moga pruned 'em this past spring... Terry and I agree we will be more enthusiastic about trimming hers next spring. (She thought I was too severe and was worried I cut too much, not so. It became obvious even to her that the ones we cut most, did best.) Live and learn.

Tonight the low is going to be about 40 and the same tomorrow, 25 Mon, 18 Tues, 19 Wed... don't tell Le and Buh, what they don't know won't interfere with our trip ;-}
So the peppers are outside for tonight and tomorrow, then we will rebag and bring 'em in til we leave. I hope they will enjoy Las Vegas!
Le and Buh are at a wedding recep-tion helping Aunt Sandy tonight... Buh volunteered,and I quote,'cause of the food, . One of the younger Roundy's(Annette?), and the reception is up in Maple Valley but Aunt Sandy sez Buh's needs to be at the stake center, he agrees as long as he gets to elope. Some people's relatives!


Roseanne said...

No way...there are trees in Las Vegas? I thought there were only cacti. jk ;)

Seriously tho, did you know there is a tree tour at BYU? (Self-guided, of course) We spent an evening of FHE covering about half of the tour, and now my honey finally knows the names of all the pretty purple-leafed ones by the MOA. Aristocrat and Bradford Pear.