Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A day of near misses?

Remember the Friends where Ross goes on a ride along and thinks he gets shot at and Emily called while he was out? Well I think that was today for ElCid and I.

Patrick Connor wrote me an email (thanks Zanne) and ADRIEN yes THAT Adrien called ElCid.His mom gave her our number (thanks Linda).

When I told Flo that she'd called looking for him I asked her if she knew why - she was stumped so I told her because it is Thanksgiving and heaven forbid we have Thanksgiving and not mention her!!!!! That story is for another day, when I haven't put off finishing Cinderella until midnight on Monday. But it wasn't my fault ... that's also a story for another day!

G'night ...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz................


VMom said...

You pulled me where? (Sachel, Get Fuzzy)
OK, so Patrick would be Kelly's brother? and I have met him once - WHO is Adrien? At least I know who Cinderella IS.
Sorry you were up sewing at midnight a mere 38 hours before you are inundated with houseguests for Thanksgiving! Oh yeah, Abuelo et al, will be there sooner than that, you must have done something ornery in the past, eh?

Hillary said...

Aahhhh! The Adrien saga continues. Why on earth is she calling Peter? I can't believe my mother gave her your phone number. How crazy. Happy Thanksgiving!