Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Seriously Right NOW!!!!!

I love my mini van - Bunso is a well loved member of our family but man alive some days she is just a pain to drive.

I love the drivers that try to shoot the gap and do not realize that to haul such a hunk of metal you have to have a BIG engine.

I love the drivers that tailgate me not realizing I'm going 85 in a 65 zone, I'm not going any faster!

I love the drivers who do not seem to realize my big van values about as much if not more than their little sedan.

I love the male pickup truck drivers that get their panties in a twist when a mini van passes them.

I love the drivers that don't realize I have somewhere to be and that NO I'm NOT going to let them in when I have the right of way I'm NOT that nice.

Last but not least I love the pedestrians in Las Vegas who don't realize that if they aren't in a cross walk I can HIT THEM and as long as I stop the DA won't charge me with any crime.


VMom said...

Bunso the great and how to survive the wild Las Vegas freeways... my alternate title ;-} She isn't at fault it is those other drivers... the ones I need the bumper reader board and front and rear mounted paint cannons for. (the paint is for the illiterate)

Just remember, those male p/u drivers are reacting to Bunso's big sassy smile as she blows by!


The Lowes said...

Thanks for all the comments on my bloggy!! I added a link to yours on mine. I'll visit more often now that I have a shortcut!!

BTW, moms are the meanest drivers in the whole world...I know, I am one!!