Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Build A Bear Workshop - Round 3

Just over a year ago at my sister Beki's wedding my Uncle Jack flew over in an airplane, he parachuted out and snuck 3 gift cards into my kids car seats for Build a Bear. My Uncle Jack is amazing he has been everywhere, Alaska, France, Asia, you name he's done it. We only get communication from Uncle Jack through my Uncle in Texas. Uncle Jack has been around my whole life. No offensive to my other 3 Uncle's but Jack is the best!

The first trip to Build a Bear was great and each return trip has also been way fun. Obviously we went for George's birthday and today we went for a birthday with a girl from school.

Fred always sticks with a classic, a bear but likes the whole fashion part of it. She planned very carefully this time and got a less expensive bear so she could get a great outfit. It's an ice skating snow fairy.

Jr. got her 3rd bear of the same sort in the same shirt as her #2 bear. It does make a different sound, and it has a backpack. It's also a darker color but don't point that out or she gets upset.

George continued in her quest to be the loose cannon and got a Dino. With a baby. It's name is Tete. The example had a mini dino in it's mouth to show it had a magnet, she pulled the big one out of the bin and asked, "Where's hers baby?". (I caved and bought the baby.) When it came time to dress her Dino I showed her several available options and she kept saying no finally I asked if it was a mommy or daddy thinking that might be the problem, "Hers a mommy she needs Mommy clothes." So we continued to look and finally we found them what are mommy clothes you ask? A plain pink t-shirt, bunny slippers and hello kitty panties. I don't take her selection as a personal reflection because I don't have bunny slippers or hello kitty panties, but apparently it's best to call first before you drop by - who knows how I'll be dressed!


VMom said...

Hello Kitty panties, here we come! If you even THINK we can pass THAT up with Christmas coming you are crazier than I look! Thank you George for giving Grammy such a great gift idea!

As the eldest sibling of Uncle Jack I have received the joy only vicariously, thru my children, SIGH.

Looks like you all made out like banditas! See you in 8 days~ xoxoxox

Hillary said...

I want my next party to be at the build a bear workshop! How fun is that?