Thursday, November 15, 2007

Meanest Mommy on the planet

Yes that is me and I'm PROUD of it!

Fred has been getting me in "trouble" with her school nurse as of late and I just wish they understood I want to raise a contributing member of society!

A couple weeks ago she kept complaining of headaches and went to the nurse twice. The first time was at 2:40pm I got the call from the nurse that she had been in and complained but wasn't puking or feverish but maybe I should come pick her up early. I was 20 minutes away from school and she gets out at 3:21 so I told the nurse that she had eaten 1/4 her bucket of Halloween candy and played with her sisters until way late and that was probably the cause for the headache and she could just stick it out since I wasn't going to be able to pick her up much before regular time anyways. You could tell the nurse was WAY unimpressed.

She continued to complain about headaches so I took her to the Dr. He checked her out and gave her a prescription for Zyrtec thinking it might be allergy induced headaches. He also said we should be keeping track of her headaches (time, duration, activity at the time).

A few days later I got another call from the nurse Fred had come in again complaining of a headache and saying that she hadn't had breakfast. She let me know very nicely that there is breakfast served at school (we go EVERY Friday) and I could apply for assistance if I needed it (with the money we make we could have 6 kids and still not qualify). I let her know not as nicely that Fred had been given the opportunity to eat breakfast and even if I presented the child with food I could not force her to eat it, and if she wanted to she could send Fred to the cafeteria to get a snack but if it were up to me I'd let her starve until lunch - maybe she'd eat more then. I could so tell she was even MORE not impressed. I also let her know that Fred had been taken to the Dr. about her headaches and we are trying medication to work on the problem but it might take a couple weeks for it to work.

I found Fred later that same day at lunch and told her she was never going to have the chance not to eat before school EVER again and that she also was going off major amounts of sugar because it couldn't be helping her headaches any.

The last couple days her headaches have been better. I'm not sure if it's the Zyrtec or the less sugar but I'm not willing to discontinue either.

I love my girls but I am certainly more of a tough love kind of person. I know they aren't adults and can't make adult decisions but I'm all about them feeling the painful consequences of their choices. I've seen way to many whiny mooching teenagers/young adults to ever want my kids to turn out that way!

(By the way she now has her own blog


The Lowes said...

You sound like me!! I have the same relationship with Jake's teacher that you have with his nurse...she probably thinks I'm the meanest mother ever because I choose to let Jake reap what he has sewn as far as getting homework and projects done on time. I remind him, but if he doesn't do it, he learns the consequences!! It doesn't usually take more than once for him to forget, so obviously my method is working!

VMom said...

So when I am there and we get the Toblerone that some of her relatives make far away in Switzerland, I will make sure she shares with Jr and George.
And YOU used to whine about MY contact with, and messages to, school people! When you pass me up, I'll let ya know, OK?
When I started school, 1959, people didn't believe in headaches so I always complained of a stomach ache. My poor parents even took me to a doctor. I got soooo good at it that I would save some of my lunch, chew it up and spit it out in the toilet to prove I was sick. Unfortunately, during the second half of 1st grade,1961, an intelligent office worker called me on it and told me to my face that she believed I was just making it up. I was so embarrassed I never went to the office sick again. I had perfect attendance in 2nd and 3rd grade. In the spring of 3rd grade we moved to Turkey and it was too scary to try to find the office(grades K-12 were in the same building) so my excellent health continued. Then we moved on base and although I knew where the office was, 4th graders do, it was too much fun to be at school - I would come sick just so I wouldn't miss out on anything important!
So maybe Fred has some defective genes... ;-Þ xoxoxox

Hillary said...

Fred's blog is super cute. I'm excited to see her grow up.