Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy anniversary to me!!!

As of yesterday I was a business owner for a year!

Here is a list of things I got done ~

I only completely missed one deadline - Sorry Debbie!
I had to push back a deadline when I was doing Peter Pan but I didn't miss it.

I made back the money I invested within 6 months

I sent dresses to Livermore CA, Haltom City TX, Robins IA, New Hartford CT, Belfield New South Wales Australia, McKinleyville CA, Gaithersburg MD, Newtown PA, Kerrville TX, Lilburn GA, Denver NC, Annville PA, Coplay PA, Seattle WA, Lake Elsinore CA, King George VA, McDonough GA, New Rochelle NY,Commercial Pt. OH,Beverly Hills CA (90210),
Wappinger Falls NY & Philadelphia PA

I made for the first time, no pattern - no help,
Mermaid in fins ,Arabian Princess, Pirate Queen, Mermaidia,Pink Hostesses (not the cupcake kind)
Lollie the clown,Tink, Ren Faire wear & Fairy Godmother

I made about 55 dresses

My plans
for the coming year include
finding other sewers,
finding a fabric distributor,
standardizing my patterns,
doing little more/different stuff with my
website ( I love you Buh!)
maybe branching out with other characters...maybe.

Thanks to all my loyal customers and supporters especially my sweet darling husband, Fred, Jr, George & Moga -
without you I'd never get anything done and I'd have nothing to work for I love you guys!

*Sorry it looks a little seasick at moments but when you're tootin' your own horn pictures are important!*


Safire said...

Yay! Love my dress. Thanks for doing what you're doing! :)

Susan said...

Congrats! You are amazing and I am so glad your business is doing so well.

VMom said...

When we get a puppy it needs to be microchipped and tattooed.
Well, that is what he said as I opened this window to share our thoughts, little brothers!
I am sure your records show how many of each, still 55 is an AMAZING number, especially in view of the fact I KNOW there were Easter and Christmas dresses and Halloween costumes times three~as well as the ones for "work" Did your count include dark chi for moga?
Whew! Complimenting you is even exhausting in the face of such achievement! Seriously, not many people could do so much as an ~individual~ with husband, children x3, callings, projects (moga's room)and volunteer work... not to mention assorted visiting relatives to trip over and the occasional jaunt to see "Phantom" on Broadway... sigh.
Now I have to nap, so I will be recovered by Wed in the WEE hours ;-} xoxoxox

Hillary said...

Need we say more. You are amazing!!!