Sunday, November 11, 2007

IT'S OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The show closed, I got PAID, and now I have a living room FULL of laundry. Here are some pictures I took tonight.

Earlier today I got a lesson in why fast food isn't good for you-

Staticie voice - Welcome to Jack in the box
me- I'd like a #5 medium with a sprite and also another large curly fries
Staticie voice - what size do you want the #5?
me- Medium
Staticie voice- you can't have a medium diet coke and a large curly fries
me- i want a #5 medium with a sprite and an additional large curly fries
Staticie voice - so you want it large with curly fries?
me - no, I want a meal and then I want EXTRA curly fries
Staticie voice - oh... so what size do you want the diet coke?

We finally got it all figured out and when I got to the window "Deborah" wore a tag that said Team leader so maybe she isn't used to the headset. Serves me right for eating fast food.

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VMom said...

Paid is nice, means we'll eat for thanksgiveny, eh?

The costumes are awesome, you did an amazing job! When I was showing Grammy the blog Sat night she asks, "Now isn't Valinda the one that didn't learn to sew until she was married?" I wanted to come back with 'thanks for rubbing salt in the wound' but I doubt she remembers Princess Bride exists.

I just said, "Yes, and doesn't she do amazing work! My girls (grand daughters) always look fabulous." I am not joking about her being taken with Fred's costume... she remarked on it several times. (and not like she does when she forgets that she already said it)

Oh yeah, she will be following your blog while she is in MA this winter, so I best be more respectful here!

Get a good rest... 10 days til we are knocking on your door!