Sunday, November 11, 2007

Can you hear that?

No? well that's because there's nothing to hear.

We were all supposed to go to totally unpatriotic Utah for the weekend because the proud Americans in Nevada celebrate properly and take a day off for Veterans day, even ElCid gets the day off. No post, No banks, No school. But as one of my favorite quotes goes life doesn't always work out the way that you planned.

Last night when I got home from collecting laundry I had a sniffly nose so I took some allergy medicine wrote my blog and went to bed. When I got up this morning I had sinus pain in my face and took a different kind of medicine and suffered through 2 hours of church came home tried to pack, tried to sleep, and didn't do well on either.

ElCid recognized my fit throwing moody sickness as a person who needed to stay home on time out so he sweetly took the girl to St. George without me. Now I will have a bit of peace and quiet while I do mounds of laundry, not all of it Peter Pan, and finish up on Mermaidia.

Thank you ElCid you are sweet, wonderful, and thoughtful you win all sorts of points.


Safire said...

Wow, major brownie points for him!! :)

VMom said...

Hey! I was posting a second comment on the #6 post and safire snuck in here first! Doesn't she have any respect for OLD people? Did she fail long distance mind reading 101?

I'm just jealous because she said it first and I will sound like an echo... but here goes, "Wow, major brownie points for El Cid!!" ;-}

I almost forgot to type El Cid, Harvey would NOT have been happy about that! ( whomever Harvey is) What DID we call your future spouse? I have forgotten. Brent's is Gertrudina and Le's is George, I remember Harvey and Herbert...

I am glad my poor sickie is home in the silence, did Tiny go with the others? You never mention her, what IS her blog name? 'My sister'? Here's hoping the laundry is doing itself and Mermaidia made contact with the shoemakers elves and YOU get a real rest! Wish I were there to make you KFC honey bbq sauce!