Monday, November 12, 2007

Holey Hugemungus Mint M&M's Batman!

So I hadn't opened my new bag of M&M's yet because I wasn't out of the old ones. My mom got some and opened them right away she called and alerted me to their new size. Seeing is believing so here is a picture comparison.

My day went well once I had some Dayquil - man I love those people. I got the Mermaid done and now I get to start Cinderella and Pink Ariel tomorrow. I really like how the mermaid turned out. Thanks to Moga for painting the tail!

A quiet day has been nice but I didn't get nearly enough done, I hate that the worst!


VMom said...

Comparison is nice! They don't seem to bite/chew like a "real" uhbuhdew, but they taste good.

Mermaidia looks divine. It has been a while since I saw the movie but it is impressive!

You did not mention laundry, when does the Peter Pan stuff need to be done for storage? Tiny is good at laundry ya know. (Hi Tiny!)

I will think happy thoughts about you AND the dayquil people so that your recovery will be speedy and complete!


Roseanne said...

Checking your blog is dangerous this time of year. I still haven't made it to target to get mint W's of my own! Must have mint chocolate! /drool