Monday, November 26, 2007

"Free Time"

I once told someone that I don't have any free time, I don't ever plan on having free time, and the 8 hours a day I do "nothing" I'm SLEEPING!

My last 3 dresses of the year are under way and I was going to have a couple minutes to hang out with my kids but the PTSO has decided to use some of those up for me! It won't be bad and the time they need is while school is still going on. I'm unable to help out as much as I'd like when I'm so busy with business so I'm just catching up on my hours donated.

I'll be posting about the Holiday shop, Breakfast with Santa, and the Teacher Appreciation Lunch.


Hillary said...

Free Time? What is that? Hobbies? What are those? I'm impressed you get 8 hours of sleep!

redheadsmom said...

People just know if you had nothing to do you might spontaneously combust!

The Lowes said...

If you weren't so DANG talented then maybe you'd have more free time!! Blame it on the talent!! BTW, I had no idea the names were made up..doesn't that make me feel like an idiot!? I'm going to blame THAT on the pregnancy brain, I don't think I'm THAT naive, am I?