Sunday, November 25, 2007

Home again, Home again, Jiggity Jig

So I'm home again. We went to St. George on Saturday after my family headed home. My brother in law Heimer is getting married and Flo and I were supposed to throw a "naughty nightie" party for his fiance Cindy. They are getting married on my 9th anniversary. I think it's kind of romantic, she's even picked the same colors I had but I digress.

The first kink in the plans were the fact that she invited BOTH mothers, then Flo's Dad asked to stay at her house where the party was supposed to be, then Sally got sick so Flo hardly got to come. She missed our favorite game where you make fun paragraphs out of candy bars. Such phrases as "when you *skor* be sure to shout his name and not *ohhenry*" or "If your first *look* at his *whatchamacallit* is a big *shocker* don't *snicker*" and well you get the idea. It was fun and we had a good time. Flo and I had worried Cindy with our talk about the party before hand so the fact that it wasn't as rockin' as usual was fine with her.

Afterwards most of ElCid's family played basketball and I read a book. The Two Princesses of Bamarre, I really liked it.

This morning we got to sleep in some because there church starts at 1:30. We did a big family dinner spaghetti, breadsticks and salad. One of the best and worst things about ElCid's family is the good food, I always come home 5lbs heavier!

I managed to get away only a half hour later than I wanted which is quite the accomplishment.

So I'm back home and I have to start working first thing tomorrow. I have 3 dresses due on the 4th and then I'm free until January! Well free as I ever am. I have 3 Christmas dresses and 6 little girl dresses for the wedding.


VMom said...

Heimer... as in 'wisen'? He is a nice boy, I just chose not to resist the obvious.
Good thing I am NOT trying for Santa's nice list, eh? MY Christmas gift is safely by my fireplace ;-}
It is good that Flo wasn't entirely mia for the weekend, not being there to rein you in* at the party was bad enough! *(egg you on?)
Jon E will be contacting you about his gift certificate, Halo 3 will do that for ya! Knock that pretty girl back home clear out of your mind! xoxoxox

The Lowes said...

Lots of interesting names in your familia! I like reading them seeing that I have no idea what I'm going to name my new one. I do have 7 months to think about it atleast!

VMom said...

You would like the real names even better... ;-}

Zanne said...

I read a book by the same author over Thanksgiving called "Fairest."