Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Patrick Conner Story

Ok so this story starts many many years ago before I ever knew My Zanne. (BTW it's not really her fault he found my email in a list on an email she sent him)

She and Pat(rick) were friends in middle school. Pat moved to Puyallup (pew-al-up) but she still talked to him on the phone and etc. She came to high school with all sorts of stories about this guy and hockey games and she had his flannel one time (it smelled nice his mom used... tide?).

Anyhow I was intrigued and eventually met the elusive Pat. Zanne and I hung out with him a couple times and I was such a flirt I would sharpen my skills on him, sometimes without poor Zanne knowing it. (I'm still sorry about Applebees) So it all really got started with a New Years eve dance for her ward at...a boys and girls club? They were on the dance floor it turned midnight he kissed her and it was all good until me & my big mouth said in my flirty batty eyelash way "So where's my kiss?" and he laid one on me BIG time. I was shocked she was shocked I was even more shocked when she still spoke to me later.(Zanne is the BEST)

There was another time when I was in college when I was out with him that we made out for hours and he made me watch Austin Powers (yes my head does still hurt) It comes to mind that was also New Years ish but I don't know why. So after the make out marathon time I invited him to go to Preference a BYU dance and he flew out and was a total jerk and said not nice things (Juice was there and was a great big brother) and it all ended very badly cause I had spent $$$ on a dress and did my hair up for HOURS and had fun plans for the night and he ruined them.

That was when Zanne and I decided that if you import a guy for an event it will be awful, just pick someone locally. (She imported a guy another time, he hit me about an hour into the evening)

So anyhow Patrick is a guy I N-C-M-Oed (Non Committal Make Out) with more than once who turned out to be not so nice but he went on a mission to ...Brazil? and came home and married a nice girl (so Zanne says) and many years later sent me an email.

I don't know why I still let him throw me off balance, it's not that I still like him, it's more that I don't want to deal with the way it all ended.

p.s. If Patrick ever reads this he can leave a comment defending himself but shouldn't be smug.
p.p.s. Zanne should clear up any parts of the story I've glossed over or left out.


Safire said...

I read Juice the story and he said, "Oh yeah, I remember him. Don't I have a picture of him in cheese hat somewhere?"

Zanne said...

Yes, it was New Years again the second time too. The very next year, I believe. Oh, and not that it matters, but it was Graham, not Puyallup...which I only remember because it was a longer, darker, scarier drive to get to his house than to drive to Puyallup. C'mon people put in some street lights!

I always said Patrick made a better friend than a boyfriend, which is probably why I am friends with his wife, and you are friends with Juice, and never the other way around. I am still waiting for an apology for the cold water incident. :P

I have the picture of him in a cheese hat.