Friday, October 12, 2007

My Costumes

Okay - I tried to copy pictures of my costumes to here but they won't show up, it's all gibberish words here is where you can find them "in person"

Things I did not make are the Indians, Peter Pan, and Grown Up Wendy(seen sitting in the window with Wendy at the end.)I helped with minor pieces on them but not major construction.

Enjoy! I expect to see comments back here once you all take a look at the pictures!


VMom said...

Jon and I are happy you had nothing to do with wrapping Tiger Lily in strips of brown cloth, family friendly only to the fringe folk! We loved your costumes, if your camera makes it behind the scenes for close ups that would be awesome... and where is a photo of 'little' tinkerbell? The previous post is of a 2 year old, not of grammy's big grown up Tink!
Jon E "fixed" our computer... I somehow owe him a dollar that I never offered... but it is more than worth it! love to all, kvk

TheDivaMommyPrincess said...
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redheadsmom said...

Those costumes are so cool! I can't imagine why you are a crazy lady with no spare time on your hands. Now get to work on blue sleeping beauty already:)

Abuela said...

I expect to see comments back here once you all take a look at the pictures.
Very cool! I really liked the pirates :)

Hillary said...

The costumes are FANTASTIC! But you already know that. I sent you an email :) I'm excited for Sarah to be little Belle. Thanks again for letting us borrow the costume!

Safire said...

So cute!! And I loved the pirate costumes. You have real talent. :)