Tuesday, October 9, 2007


So last night when I got home from the show, it was the first preview show and my costumes looked fabulous!!!!! I was brushing my hair and what did I find....yes it was a white hair!!!!!about 3 inches long, I pulled it and ran to ElCid who sweetly assured me it was just really blonde! I can't do this! I can't be this old! I have avoided really blonde hair about 10 years longer than my older brother and a couple years longer than my little sister!

I was at the show because it was Jr.'s birthday I made her Halloween costume early, Tink and she wore it and we watched the show together, all the cast loved her outfit (we left the wings at home) and she got lots of Happy Birthdays from everyone.

I'm working on getting pictures of my costumes. I've had my camera several times at rehearsal I just haven't had the time to snap pics.

Well today is the first day in more days than I could count that I don't have 100 Peter Pan things to work on. I do have a Wedding Mermaid dress to finish up fast but that is no sweat after the last project! I also get my Moga back today at 1pm! The girls have missed her tons in the last 3 weeks and so have I.


TheDivaMommyPrincess said...

Those costumes are FIERCE! Seriously, I hope as you sat there and saw your amazing work on that stage that you were able to feel like it was worth it. You are gifted, not only as a seamstress, but in working with people and making things happen. You never once caused the director a second of stress, he knew everything would be done - and done to perfection!! Thank you!!!

VMom said...

Since your darling male parent was grey by thirty... I would start concentrating hard on the genetics of your matriarchal lineage ;-} Even with really blonde hair you "clean up nice" so cease to worry and make sure wedding whomever exceeds your Peter Pan success! If practice makes perfect your girls are going to have some show stopping wedding gowns of their own, when the time comes... love to all, kvk

Abuela said...

And then you are wondering where the white hair came from...you are so busy girl.
How sweet of ElCid to say it was just a blonde hair, awww.

PS: Wanna know a secret? All my hair is still the same color. Makes my friends jealous >:)