Thursday, September 13, 2007

Still here I promise!

Hey everybodeee!

Yes my computer still works, my internet still functions and we are all still alive and kicking in Las Vegas!

As you can see by my list of things to do I am drowning in Peter Pan costumes! The costume parade is on the 22nd of Sept. (that means they make everyone walk across the stage under the lights) and then dress rehearsal begins on the 29th. I have almost something for everyone, the twins(lost boys) don't have anything yet or the mermaids or Older Wendy but in my defense I don't have fabric for the mermaids or older Wendy.

The urgency increases when you find out that one of the members of the cast has a dad who does film making and he is doing some sort of documentary about the show, so we really have to have costumes for dress rehearsal!

Then you add on my regular business that I took down to only 1 dress a week, the PTSO (I'm a VP) is planning the Harvest Festival (on October 25th), George's party is on Saturday (Yeah my "baby" is 3!!!) we wisely scheduled that at Build a Bear workshop (we will post pictures of that) and if I make it to October I have laundry from the show to do each Monday night that must be returned by Thursday (yeah can we say my own laundry doesn't have that good of turn around time), a Tinkerbell outfit to make(Jr.), a black and hot pink vampire to make (Fred), a pink Sleeping Beauty (my niece - Ladybug) and Sleeping Beauty Blue for her mom (they are going to look darling). I'm going to get a couple pirate outfits done for the school's silent auction, I also hope to visit my sister in middle of nowhere Idaho for a couple days. Luckily I finished George's Halloween dress today, it was requested to be done for the party on Saturday. I still need a ribbon rose and some gems but other than that we're good.

I really did give myself this much to do but I think I'm going to need half of November and the entire month of December off to recover!

So if I don't keep my blog as updated as I'd like to please think of me and my towering pile of work I've agreed to do and just be glad you're not as crazy as I am! Well George is asleep in my arms (dang she's heavy) and I better get to bed to or I'll never make it through my list of things to get done tomorrow!


Hillary said...

Let's add pictures for the 2008 calendar to your list, eh? Good luck with everything. Call me when you wanna chat.

Abuela said...

Will there be pictures of all these customes?

I remembered George's birthday last week (I have it on my 0utlook), just to forget :( Sorry.
Then I read this post and went DUH!.
Hope her party goes great!