Monday, August 27, 2007

First Day of School!!!!!

Hurricane Dean has made the first day of school for Fred & Jr very eventful. In the wee hours of this morning ElCid and I were awakened by three screaming bodies hurtling at us in the dark. The lightning and thunder continued on for hours, which was so loud that it was rattling our windows, it was also rattling our neighbors cars so after every loud thunder clap the car alarm would go off for 10 seconds or whatever. We all got very little sleep but Fred & Jr. were so excited they were bouncing out of bed at 6:45 getting ready for school.

Finally after making them wait for hours we were on our way and as we approached the school I started noticing that stop lights were out and stores were dark. I was getting worried that school might just not happen. We got to school and people were still going in but it looked very dark.

We went and dropped off Jr. first and yep sure enough the lights were off, but her teacher assured me that they would still have school. I took my spare kid to his classroom and then finally Fred got to go to her room.

After chatting with some friends from last year and paying for Fred's lunch I went back to my car and there was a crowd around the kindergarten door and I was starting to wonder if there was something going on that I should be going back for then her teacher came to the door shooed the parents away and closed the door. So nothing was happening - there are just parents out there that can't walk away as easily as I can.

I will have to post more once they get home and I hear about the first day of school in the dark!


Safire said...

I would have loved it in the dark! Hope their day was great!

Abuela said...

Jr looks so sweeeeeet!
I'll say that's a fisrt day of school they'll never forget.